If there's one thing we love more than most other things, it's weird Frankenstein cars.

This Craigslist freakshow can't go wrong, because it goes by the age old standard — revered by so many races and creeds — that an obscene amount of power in a light body will always be cool.


Some genius took this 1988 Toyota Celica Alltrac — which originally tipped the scales at about 2,500 pounds — and stuffed a Ford 460 cubic inch V8 into the back. Not only is that the most massive passenger car/light truck engine Ford ever made, but this one's got a huge blower on top of it. This ludicrous car even manages to preserve all wheel drive.

The seller says it's good to go as an E mod for autocross racing and an SPO class for hill climbs, with only a few minor tweaks needed for street legality. In which state I don't know, because I can only imagine that any cop would be all over you like a duck on a June bug if you dared drive this thing on a public road.

Whoever ends up buying this — it's only $6,500, after all — we'd loooove to do a classic review after you pick it up. (Hat tip to Alex!)

Photo credit: Craigslist