Last week, I wrote about my admiration for the small, ingenious little vans currently being built in India, and, like many of my posts about strange cars we never see in the US, I included a sad little plea for someone to help me find a way to drive one of these things.

Well, for a change, this time someone responded. Someone who can actually really help me out with my quest. Someone who runs one of India's largest companies.

Someone named Anand Mahindra.

Here's his original Kinja post:

Got your message in a bottle, Jason...
And may I compliment you on your lateral thinking and openness of mind to different models of innovation?
We'd be delighted to have you drive a Maxximo, but for that you ought to consider a vacation in India...and throw in a side trip to the Taj Mahal...
Anand Mahindra
Chairman, Mahindra Group


I was skeptical at first, too — after all, this is the internet, and the last time I accepted who someone was without checking I ended up pantsless at the bottom of a dumpster behind a CVS. But this time a follow-up email confirmed the identity — and proposed an offer I think is very generous and exciting.

He invited me to India in his company's words to see "what we produce and how we do it." So, I'm wondering, should I go? If I make it out to India, what else would you like to see? I'd love to arrange a Classic Review of a Hindustan Ambassador, for example. I try to be your eyes and ears wherever I go, so let me know what you want those eyes and ears to taste and smell. Any Indian Jalops have any suggestions? Let me know in Kinja!