Over the past few years, current Lotus driver Kimi Raikkonen has emerged as one of our favorite drivers in all of Formula One.

How could you not love Kimi, man? He's a world champion, he's driving skills are outstanding, he has an incredible honesty in interviews that most professional athletes lack, and he's not afraid to tell his own pit crew what he thinks of them.

So when Lotus tapped Kimi to wish his fans a Merry Christmas, he does it the only way he can: by mumbling, being distracted, and generally acting like he'd rather be doing something else. He gets sincere at the end, but the video is pretty funny overall. Take a gander and wish the Finn a happy holiday season as well.


What's your favorite Kimi moment?

Thanks for the tip Gimmi-Sagan-Om-Draken-Visiting-From-Negative-Earth