Here's the new downloadable UNSC skin for the Ford Raptor in Forza Horizon. It's no Warthog, but it's about as close as you can get in a racing game.

The Raptor is not just a skin, but also part of the seven-car December DLC car pack. The McLaren F1 (Finally!), Ferrari F12, Ford GTX1, and Hummer H1 Alpha are all in there, too.


Remember, though Fourza has a real-deal Warthog, it's just for Jeremy Clarkson to mumble about, not to drive. Even though it doesn't have a M41 light anti-aircraft gun mounted to the top, this Raptor is still pretty sweet and the folks at Ford are telling us they'll be a real-life version coming soon.

Of course, if you have the means, you could always build a real-life Warthog, like a bunch of crazy New Zealanders did a few years ago.