Okay, everyone, go to the nightstand, get your diaries, and unlock them. Check back around July— see the tear-stained entry where you're lamenting how you knew, just knew you could have done better in the Great Headlight Quiz, but it was too, well, unfair? And how you'd kill for another chance?

You're in luck. But this time, it's taillights.

That's right, we're taking a trip around back, and basking in the sanguine glory of taillights. The rules are the same: I've made a bunch of abstracted images of car taillight assemblies, showing all illuminated areas (tail, brake, turn, and reversing lamps) glowing at once, and any reflectors if they're separate from the main taillight body as well.


Almost every gearhead I know believes, deep down, they're really good at this and they're just waiting for that moment when this skill is actually worth a rat's rectum. Well, pals, today's the day. Let's see what you can do. Put your guesses in the comments, and when you're ready, check answers here.

Good luck!