As a brand, the reasoning for Lincoln's continued existence is questionable. Nothing they currently produce is interesting in any measurable way. Lincoln was once the Cadillac of cars, now it's the Mitsubishi of luxury brands at best.

This wasn't always the case, as Lincoln is reminding us with this stunning auto show display. None of the cars on the show floor for Lincoln (yet) are newer than a 1961 Lincoln Continental, and the oldest goes back to the 1920s. "See," the cars scream, "we used to be great."


The implication is that they'll be yet great again, though we haven't seen the proof.

Give Lincoln credit, however, in that they knew we'd be opining about how terrible their current lineup is and comparing it to the old. They knew we'd say they were once great and now are not. They knew all of it and went ahead with the display.

What are they launching here? A Tumblr account and… nothing else? Tomorrow all of the cars will be turned into the Lincoln MKZ, which we've seen and don't particularly care about.


We think they're better off keeping at as-is. Can you identify all the cars? One of them is obviously the Lincoln Continental MK II from a time when Lincoln was so great as a brand they tried to create a new brand above it.

Photo Credit: Brian Williams/Jalopnik