Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

In an alternate universe today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe
AMC Wagon could have served as mysterious older brother to the scarf-wearing androgyne, Speed Pacer. In the real world however, the Pacer's options weren't nearly as flashy as the Mach Five's, but perhaps this one's price will have someone speed racing for their checkbook.

Speaking of racing, modern motors dumped into older cars almost always turn up the wick, and are usually considered a match made in Heaven. Unfortunately for the seller of yesterday's wife-unnerving 4.0-powered 1972 Capri 63% of you felt it didn't come with a Hell of a price. Guess it'll just have to keep intimidating his lady fair.


It's often noted that living in today's social media-soaked world is akin to residing in a fishbowl, an assertion to which I say bah! If you want to live in a fishbowl then you don't need Linkedbook, Facerest, or Pintwitter, you need today's restored 1979 AMC Pacer Wagon.


The Pacer of course was American Motors‘ water balloon-shaped pie in the face of conformity that was originally intended to take GM's stillborn twin-rotor Wankel. By the time the wagon rolled around the complex curve rear glass that gave the car and Porsche's 928 a familial resemblance was gone, and along with it a lot of the car's freak show appeal. Still you can take heart that the passenger door remains 4-inches longer than the driver's, and that the interior door caps are still topped with teacher's arms to mask the fact that the windows don't roll down all the way.

Also, the wagon is more capacious, and this one comes not only refreshed in all aspects - or so says the ad - but also with the hood bulging V8 engine option. That's AMC's 304-CID eight, which in this, the last year of passenger car use, farted out a meager 130.5-bhp. Yes, that sucks but is par for the course for ‘70s American engines.


The seller notes that this two-tone Pacer is one of only 1,014 made, which is the total of V8-powered cars from '79, the last year the motor was offered. That engine required the bumped up hood which gives the car a sort of developmentally handicapped Aston Martin appearance from the front.

Aside from what looks like a bit of wear and tear on the top of the driver's door, the car — both inside and out — seems to be in excellent condition and who could argue with the choice of a red air freshener tree dangling jauntily from the turn signal stalk?


You might however take issue with the seller's pricing accumen and in fact it's now time to weigh in on whether or not you think his $9,900 price tag sets this AMC's pace. What do you say, is this survivor Pacer Wagon worth that kind of cash? Or, does that price make this Pacer a pass?

You decide!


Nashville Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

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