The first F1 race in the US since 2007 was absolutely outstanding and we have the car porn to prove it.

Lewis Hamilton had one of the best drives of his career, hounding and then passing the inhumanly-good Sebastian Vettel for the win, Checo Perez didn't disappoint all of his dedicated fans too badly and two dudes totally failed at a high five.

Of course, the great sensation of being at an F1 race is the speed of the cars and the unbelievably loud scream as they go by. Jamey Price managed to capture some of that sensation, along with many other scenes from the paddock, when he went to the Austin GP.


You should already know Jamey Price. We've already listed him as one of the best young car photographers shooting right now, and he's given us permission to run some of his pictures here on Jalopnik. As always, his photojournalist work is outstanding.

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All Photo Credits: Jamey Price