This latest Corvette PR film inevitably means more seductive teasing. This time, Chevrolet gave us a risqué peek at some 2014 Corvette skin and some of the styling exercises that went into influencing the final product.

At least they showed us a teeny, tiny little flash of the actual car this time, but it's like seeing a flash of supermodel boob cleavage without getting a chance to see her whole body clothed in not very revealing cocktail attire. How the hell are you supposed to imagine how she looks nude?


But that's ok, we understand. GM knows better than to give an inch to people like car enthusiasts, because they'd probably, oh, I don't know, ruin the surprise and show you what the C7 Corvette looks like ahead of its fêted debut at the Detroit Auto Show.

The big question is this: will the car's coming out be at Detroit, or will Gran Tourismo 5 blow its load early and release the car digitally before the real one appears? The C7 will probably show its sexy body at Detroit first, but you never know.