Traffic reporter Jennifer Reyna was in the middle of another routine traffic report yesterday when something flashed on screen behind her. She couldn't see it, because TV reporters are actually pointing at thin air, but an SUV crashed into a fire truck at the perfect moment.

The fire truck was about to pull away from a minor accident on a Houston freeway when a car, presumably driving too fast, swerved and crashed into an SUV. The SUV hit the fire truck, made a violent lurch to the left, and flipped over in the middle of traffic. All on top of another, smaller wreck.


Just as the SUV flips over, Reyna — oblivious to what was unfolding behind her — wraps up her traffic report and declares, " yeah, it looks like that one's going to clear up." Talk about a Dewey-Defeats-Truman moment.

Fortunately, no one was injured, but officials closed the road and redirected traffic while the mess was being cleaned up. At least they didn't have to wait for emergency first responders to arrive.

Also, many of you will note that Reyna is one of our favorite traffic reporters.

Photo credit: Local2 Houston

(Hat tip to Ron!)