It's the first Ferrari powered at all four wheels. Does that mean you'll take it on one of the world's most challenging hill climbs?

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The press photos Ferrari gave the world for the FF show the car driving (presumably) quickly across desert and snow-covered landscapes. They're clearly very proud of their new all-wheel drive system, which they claim allows the engine to be mounted lower than in any other all-wheel drive vehicle. Is Ferrari's premiere off-road and foul-weather effort ready for some hill climbs, though?

If it is ready for some tough challenges, where better to start than Pikes Peak? This is the race that puts rally cars to the test, the kind of place Audi would use in advertisement for Quattro to show you that, yes, you can go to Starbucks in the rain.

Would you drive the Ferrari FF up Pikes Peak's 4,720 foot change in elevation? Do tell in the comments.

Photo Credit: Ferrari