Flipping around that stupid ad that everyone's seen, we have to ask: you wouldn't download a car, would you?

We're getting closer to the point where we can 3D print significantly large car components. At some point in the future we'll be 3D printing Complete Knock Down (CKD) kits and full cars themselves in massive 3D printers. When we saw that adorable little Ariel Atom made in a 3D printer, phydeaux98038 pointed out that this might cause some problems.

It would only be a matter of time before the car equivalent of the RIAA was out to prosecute 16 year olds for downloading and printing illegal copies of Ferraris.

What do you think car culture will look like when 3D printing is affordable on a large enough scale to print CKD kits or complete cars? Do you expect that college kids will be getting sued for printing their own 250 GTOs?

Photo Credit: Teymur Madjderey