Car thieves these days seem to all be the same. They steal a car, sell off the parts, and then move on to the next victim. That's not really all that creative.

And then there's Keith Hinds, who likes to steal cars and jobs at the same time. The entrepreneurial spirit lives!

Hinds reportedly stole a car in West Hartford, Connecticut that was used to deliver Chinese food when the driver ran into a school to deliver an order. Instead of just forsaking the deliveries and taking the car to the local chop shop, Hinds did something different.

He decided to deliver the food that was still in the car and keep all of the money for himself. Maybe he has a bit of that US Postal Service spirit in him: "Neither rain nor cold nor stolen delivery car will keep Moo Shu Pork away from the greater West Hartford area."

Unfortunately for Hinds, the driver wasn't a total idiot. He called the police to report the car stolen and called his boss as well so customers would be informed that the orders were stolen.


Cops apprehended Hinds after he delivered one of the orders to a customer. Maybe next time Hinds will just skip the deliveries and the extra $12 a General Tso's Chicken delivery would earn him.

Photo Credit: AP Images