Since it's the start of the week (I go by the Zoroastrian calendar), I'm guessing your first thought is "how did people in late 1960s America keep their children from getting crushed by massive mid-century iron?"

The answer, as you can clearly see in this incredible 1969 educational film, The Talking Car, was to scare the crap out of kids with visions of angry, bitter, talking cars, with creepy floating eyes and mouths. While I approve of the car's eye location, I nevertheless find these vocalizing cars pretty unnerving.

See, Jimmy severely disappoints his dad by running out into the street, causing his dad to slowly realize this five or six year old kid may not be entirely responsible and rational. He walks off with a confused, dejected look. Jimmy then, presumably drugged at dinner, has a vivid, horrific dream of the family's Plymouth wagon and two older cars lecturing him about blind spots and being seen and not getting crushed by Mavericks.


The old Renault-like car is especially bitter and vindictive. I get the sense that Jimmy sort of wishes he had died out there on that road about halfway through the dream.

It's 15 minutes, but I'd argue at least worth it for the nice variety of vintage cars rolling around, almost slaughtering kids left and right.

(Thanks to T.Mike for the tip and to the A/V Geeks for holding on to this terrific old crap!)