Answering the question of ‘will it hurricane?' these are some of the coolest cars I found in blacked-out Lower Manhattan. Up top is a '70s Lincoln Continental. Below are the GranTurismo MC Stradales of Maserati of Manhattan and a new Dodge Challenger across the street. Then there's the proud blackout Tesla. At the bottom are three East Village residents: an International Scout, which was certainly parked outside for Sandy's worst, a BMW 3.0CS, and a ‘67 VW Bus.

I heard and saw many other fantastic cars in the blackout, but I just couldn't get them in front of my lens in time. I saw a '70s 911 Targa as well as a brand new GT3 pushing through the wet grime and I heard a distinct V8 roar powering up a near-empty Manhattan Bridge in the middle of the night on Tuesday.

Every one of these drivers is a champion.

Photo Credits: Raphael Orlove/Jalopnik