Unfortunately for Cpl. Craig Douglass of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, real moose aren't as chilled out as Bullwinkle was. They're big, violent beasts and can put the smack down on a 5,000-pound car.

When Cpl. Douglass saw a car headed toward a male and a female moose standing together, he knew there would be trouble. As the car approached, he moved his cruiser forward to intercept it. That's when the bull moose charged.


The huge animal stomped on the hood of Douglass' cruiser, smashing the front windshield and hitting him in the shoulder with its hoof when it broke one of the side windows. After its rampage, the moose went away. Whew!

Fortunately, Douglass walked away from the attack with only a bruised shoulder, although his car is a bit banged up. It's a good thing mounties don't ride horses anymore.

Photo credit: RCMP