This week's earlier leak of the European pricing for Porsche's amazing and efficient Porsche 918 Spyder showed the car would cost 768,026 € ($995,976).

That's in funny European money with their insane taxes. We can confirm the car in the United States the car will start at a relatively more reasonable $845,000. That's like a Porsche 911 Turbo in savings!


According to dealership sources, prices given to customers this week are as following, including the Porschetastically-priced options like a $19,900 luggage set.

918 Spyder $845,000
918 Spyder Magnesium Wheels $32,500
Liquid Metal Chrome Blue Paint $63,000
Liquid Metal Silver Paint $63,000
Authentic Leather $26,000
Lifting System Front Axle $10,500
Porsche Speed Charging Station $22,100
Interior Package Carbon $7,500
Electric Comfort Heating $6,000
6-point Seat Belts $3,600
918 Spyder Luggage Set $19,900

The special Weissach Package is just $929,000. A steal!