There's something inherently wonderful about replicas. And that's in spite of all the really, truly, astoundingly bad replicas people build.

The idea is that one person and his or her garage are not restricted by the bounds of corporate guidelines. There's nobody to say ‘I don't think the focus groups would like those wheels' or ‘our customer base would find supercharger whine annoying.' All a replica car builder has to do is make something that's beautiful and wonderful and pure.


That's what Ken Imhoff did, and Brian, The Life of thinks it might be even better than the real deal.

Is it wrong that I'd rather have Ken's car than a real Countach?

Before we delve into some Baudrillard mumbo-jumbo about the imitation becoming more real than the original, let's just say that the Basement Lamborghini captures something about car building and the personality of automobiles more than any number of chromed-out official Lamborghinis.

Photo Credit: Ken Imhoff