San Diego police evacuated several businesses Wednesday morning after someone brought something that looked like a pipe bomb into Mercedes-Benz of San Diego. More than 300 people waited two hours while the bomb squad investigated the object with a bomb-sniffing robot.

Only it wasn't a pipe bomb. It was a pipe used to carry marijuana under a car without anyone noticing. Police said a customer found it on the ground near the dealership and gave it to one of the dealership's employees, who called the thing in to the cops.


The police determined that it was a tube attached to the bottom of someone's car which had been used to transport weed around town without arousing suspicion during the odd traffic stop. Apparently it fell off, and some customer/good samaritan picked it up and turned it in.

I don't know about you, but this reminds me of the candy bar-in-the-pool scene from Caddy Shack. Maybe one of the cops found a few shreds of pot in the tube and rolled it up.

Photo credit: GoogleMaps