When you throw a 411 hp 6.2-liter V8 into a light duty pickup truck, amazing things are bound to happen. That's why Ford gave us the F-150 Raptor.

But what if you take a truck that's already got gobs of awesome and custom fab it into a full race rig that you can still drive on the freeway or take on a Vegas trip?


The Luxury Performance Raptor, designed and built by RaceCO USA and Raptor Performance Group, does just that. It's packed with soon-to-be-released-as-kits custom fabrication and parts by a laundry list of who's whos — everyone from Roush Performance to Fox Racing and Meguiar's is said to be involved.

Roush Performance told me that Ross' prerunner is equipped with a soon-to-be-released F-150 Phase 2 ROUSHcharger kit calibrated to deliver 590 hp and 535 lb.-ft. of torque. The truck's suspension, designed and built by Corey Kausch of RPG, features a J-arm front suspension with 19 inches of travel and an undersprung rear leaf setup with 20 inches. All within the stock width.


Ross and some of the guys working on his truck told me that they've done a lot to it since last year. It's all the same width as a normal Raptor, so after showing it off at SEMA and hooning it in the desert, owner Chris Ross will be able to take it through the McDonald's drivethrough, too if he so desires.

Photo credit: Courtesy Chris Ross