One is a Le Mans winning track monster, the other a capable and comfortable grand tourer. It's Election 2012: Bentley style.

Welcome to Morning Would, where we present you with some of the most desirable, controversial cars ever built and ask what you would do to drive one.


The Speed 8 marked Bentley's return to Le Mans in 2001, and won the whole shebang in 2003. It's low slung and painted in British Racing Green, naturally. And if Bentley gave you one, you'd be 50% of the Speed 8 owning crowd outside of Crewe.

While the Speed 8 is definitely rarer and in most eyes cooler, Bentley's bread-and-butter model, the Continental GT, is a lot more practical. You can take it off the track, and even drive it in the snow. It has a few more seats and will certainly be a lot more comfortable. But it's not just practical, it's also rather good and rather quick.

So the question is: are you thinking with your head (Continental GT) or your heart (Speed 8) today? Racecar or Roadcar: which are you having? Let us know down below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images