Last week, Red Bull had to cancel the Stratos Space Jump to set the record for the highest and fastest sky dive ever attempted when weather intervened.

They rescheduled the jump for today. Watch with us live as history is made.

The jump is scheduled to begin with a three hour balloon ride to a staggering altitude of 120,000 feet. Then, daredevil and badass Felix Baumgartner will jump out of the balloon and freefall for about 22 miles, breaking the sound barrier with his own body. Then he'll pull his chute.


If you want to know all the technical bits about the jump, check out our comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about the Stratos Space Jump

We're watching along and will be updating with all the crucial info below.

UPDATE 2:12 EDT: Felix has just said that his "visor is fogging up." This was the main concern before he jumped.


UPDATE 2:10 EDT: He's talking to Kittinger. That little white dot is Felix. Jaw is on the freaking floor right now.

UPDATE 2:08 EDT: He jumped. Holy shit. He's going well more than 700 MPH, it seems he topped out at 729, making him the fastest man ever. Highest jump ever, fastest speed ever. Wow.

UPDATE 2:04 EDT: The door is open. Here we go.

UPDATE 1:57 EDT: I don't know about you guys, but this suddenly started making me quite nervous, and I'm not even in space.

UPDATE 1:52 EDT: The balloon has leveled off around 127,000 feet. Joe Kittinger is now taking Felix through the final preparations so that he can jump out of the capsule.

UPDATE 1:43 EDT: It has been decided that Baumgartner will jump despite the visor issues. The other option was to disconnect the capsule from the balloon and have him drop in the capsule, which has a parachute attached.

UPDATE 1:40 EDT: Meteorologists are predicting that the balloon will level off at 125,000 feet, so 5,000 feet higher than originally anticipated.

UPDATE 1:32 EDT: This is now the highest manned balloon fight in history.

UPDATE 1:19 EDT: Baumgartner is now above Joeseph Kittinger's height for the highest ever skydive, which was set in 1960 at 102,000 feet. He is 10,000 feet below the highest manned balloon flight ever, which was set in 1961.


UPDATE 1:11 EDT: The heating of the faceplate is continuing to be an issue. The team is troubleshooting it now.

UPDATE 12:32 EDT: Baumgartner is reporting that his facemask is not heating as intended, which is causing it to fog up. Hopefully they'll be able to find a fix. Make no mistake: This could be a serious issue.

Update: HE'S UP!