Sometimes, to go fast and look cool, you've got to give up things like fuel economy and space and utility. Jalopnik readers have found the most illogical, dedicated, and impractical cars on sale.

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You see, cars were invented to be practical. They're supposed to carry people and cargo from one place to another. Cars were supposed to be replacements for the horse-drawn carriage. As they've evolved though, carrying people and things isn't always a high priority. Sometimes speed is the final goal, or style. And to be stylish and fast you have to make some compromises.

An alternative name for most of the cars on this list could be: The most wonderfully fantastically insane cars you can buy and probably should.

Photo Credit: BAC/Charlie Magee

10.) Caterham Se7en

Caterhams are defined by what they don't have. They don't come with a proper roof. They don't come with a big trunk. They don't come with very much other than two seats, an engine, and a steering wheel.

Suggested By: KusabiSensei, Photo Credit: Brian Snelson

9.) Chevy Camaro

For such a big coupe, there's really not a lot of space in the new Camaro. The windows are so small you can't see anything outside and the trunk opening puts a mail slot to shame. It does look cool, though.

Suggested By: reverberocket, Photo Credit: BrunoAmaru

8.) Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet

Take a boring crossover, cut the roof off and throw away one of the back seats and you have the Murano CrossCab. The heaviest thing these will ever carry is a grande frappuccino and a yoga mat.

Suggested By: skaspy, Photo Credit: Nissan

7.) BMW X6M

Owners of X6Ms will tell you that the über-SUV is very practical, but they're comparing it to things like the Audi R8. Compare it to any other car, though, and the X6M falls apart. There's hardly any room in the back, the trunk is little, and the wheels are so big that they'll pop the low-profile tires if you hit a pothole.

Suggested By: ThePriceoEggsInMalta, Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

6.) Gumpert Apollo

Want a car built by Audi's old race engineer that can blitz any other supercar around the track? Buy a Gumpert. Want a car with enough room for, oh, say, a single toothbrush? Buy something else.

Suggested By: Robb Holland, Photo Credit: Semio

5.) Veritas RS3

BMW has a great share of the practical performance market with the M5 and M6. Veritas took the V10 out of the last generation of those cars and stripped off everything else they could to make the most minimal, high-speed car possible. There isn't even a windshield.

Suggested By: Patrick Frawley, Photo Credit: Veritas

4.) Ariel Atom

See that little orange strip on the front? That's what Ariel calls a trunk. Not much more than some tubes holding the engine, seats, and wheels together with the Atom.

Suggested By: Son of MechaScroggzilla, Photo Credit: FurLined

3.) Morgan Three-Wheeler

Morgan started building their first production car back in 1910, and they made it as sparse as possible to make it as affordable as possible. It ended up so minimal that it didn't even come with a fourth wheel. It might not be practical, but it will get its photo taken by up-and-coming R&B stars.

Suggested By: 6cyl, Photo Credit: Morgan

2.) BAC Mono

The newest member of the superlight track car club is the BAC Mono. That's ‘mono' as in, it only has one seat. There's no chance to take your friend/wife/mom for a ride and scare the living bejeezus out of them.

Suggested By: gometz, Photo Credit: BAC

1.) Commuter Ford F-650

Stripped-down sports cars don't have a lot of room for stuff, but their footprint is small and they're really just toys for grown-ups. They pale in comparison to using a 10,000 pound commercial-grade pickup as daily transportation. It is the deep-fried Twinkie of the automotive world.

Suggested By: stayingclassy, Photo Credit: Camron Flanders