I know, America, you thought a seat was a thing in a movie theater, or something a church lady might call her ass. But those ever-scheming Euros have a car named SEAT, and it looks pretty good.

Other than highly qualified Spaniards looking for jobs, the Seat León is one of the few good things coming out of Spain these days. It surpasses the Volkswagen Golf in the looks department, even though both cars are based on the same platform. Y'know, because Volkswagen Group owns SEAT and all.

Aside from good looks, the León boasts impressive fuel economy at nearly 62 mpg on the crazy European cycle. The best thing about it is that although it has the dashing looks of a Spaniard, León contains a precise Teutonic heart; one that runs on diesel and comes in either a 1.6- or 2.0-liter displacement.

Sadly, and I know I've been harping about this a lot recently (which is bound to happen during a Euro auto show), SEATs are not available in the Land of Freedom. So much for freedom of choice.



Photo credit: GF Williams