We bring you lots of things every day here on Jalopnik, like news, photo galleries and car reviews. But not all of the things we show you can be good things. Sometimes, we have to horrify you just a little bit. It helps keep things in perspective. How can you know joy when you haven't tasted pain?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, pain is what's on the menu today. You may want to shield your eyes from this horrendous eBay find: the Intercceptor (sic) F1 prototype from a New York-based outfit called the Noriega Bros.

What we have here is a 1993 Chevrolet Camaro V6 with what the brothers claim is "a unique prototype with a custom body kit (only one in the world.)" Only one, huh? Maybe there is a God after all.

It boasts custom front lights that change colors, custom brake lights, and a spoiler that helps make it "a real drag racing machine." Considering it's an automatic V6 with 150,000 miles on it, I highly doubt that.

The brothers' asking price? A mere $15 grand. FIFTEEN GRAND! Do you know how much car you can get for that price that isn't… this? Somehow, there were three bids on it before the auction ended last week. Who bid on this? Tell me! Tell me so I can come to your house and yell at you.

If you want to see more of the Intercceptor (why are there two ‘c's?) check out the Super Noriega Bros. YouTube channel.


Look, I feel like kind of a dick knocking some guys who are aspiring tuners and bodykit builders, but this is just kind of terrible. Keep at it though, boys. Maybe someday you'll come up with something truly amazing. Just make sure you spell its name right. The English language has suffered enough.

Would you put the Intercceptor (ugh) F1 in your garage?

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Photos credit eBay