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We're doing a special one this morning because of the Paris Motor Show, which you can follow along using this tagpage all morning. Here are some highlights.

1st Gear: Sergio And Martin's Paris Fight Club

I took a look for Forbes at the showdown that took place this morning between Sergio Marchionne and Martin Winterkorn. The location: a breakfast meeting of ACEA, the European automobile manufacturers' association. They've been at each others' throats over a number of things lately, and the whole thing blew up in Paris. Both VW and Fiat are threatening to withdraw from ACEA, which would be as if General Motors and Ford threatened to pull out of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.

But the fight boils down to this: things are good for VW. Things are bad for Fiat. VW is pretty much taunting Fiat. That doesn't sit well with an Italian, especially one who's going to have to put his company through yet another turnaround. Now, in a perfect world, these gentlemen would go back to their respective corners and just worry about their car companies, which they've claimed to do after the breakfast meeting.

Isn't the conflict more fun?

2nd Gear: The Lexus LF-CC Concept Is The New Lexus IS

When we first saw the Lexus LF-CC Concept a few weeks ago, we thought that it looked like a future IS Coupe.
Seeing it in person has only made us more positive that's what it is. More »

3rd Gear: Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive: The Supercar Of The Future Will Be Electric And Awesome

The Mercedes SLS AMG has one of the loudest and most audacious exhaust notes of any car on the road. It's part of what gives it that distinct character.
But what if you drop the engine, keep the gullwing doors, and stuff it full of batteries? More »

4th Gear: This Is Ferrari's Enzo-Replacing Hybrid Supercar

Today's Paris Motor Show is the first battle of the new-school supercars and Ferrari is entering the show with the carbon chassis of its hybrid Enzo replacement, what we're calling the Ferrari F70. More »

5th Gear: This Copper Steampunk Supercar Is As Efficient As A Prius But Oh So Much Hotter

Europe's car industry is at the start of a massive nosedive right now. Maybe that's why Peugeot's 680 horsepower diesel Onyx concept is as fuel efficient as a Prius.
Even though it's a low-slung, rear-drive, mid-engined supercar, the Onyx will only sip four liters of fuel for every 100 kilometers... More »

6th Gear: The McLaren P1: Making Hyper-Advanced Aerodynamics Gorgeous

Looking at the McLaren P1 concept up close, you get the impression that, were it not for aerodynamics, there'd be no dynamics at all. The P1, in all seriousness, is a car designed by the wind.
More than any aspect of the P1 - More »

7th Gear: 2014 Mazda6 And Mazda6 Wagon: A Sexy Duo

The curtain has been pulled, and the Mazda6 has been debuted again, this time at the Paris Motor Show. This is the Mazda6 wagon's first official appearance, and we must say, both models are looking sexy.
Of course, introduction in Paris means nothing regarding the scraps Mazda will send across the... More »

Reverse: Charles Duryea Starts His Last Car

On this day in 1936, Charles Duryea of automotive history's Duryea brothers, died. The Duryeas are given credit for being the first American auto manufacturers, although they were not the first company to build automobiles. Like the fight between VW and Fiat, there seems to have been some tension between the Duryeas. Charles tried to hog the spotlight on a patent application, and it was actually Frank Duryea who took the Duryea Motor Wagon out for its first spin. Still, they live on as a trivia question. [History]


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