Today's Paris Motor Show is the first battle of the new-school supercars and Ferrari is entering the show with the carbon chassis of its hybrid Enzo replacement, what we're calling the Ferrari F70. It looks like it just came from the racetrack.

We're glad that Ferrari's new hypercar has a chassis that looks like it's ready for Le Mans, because this car will likely have over 900 horsepower, thanks to a KERS hybrid system and what has got to be a massive (yet spookily quiet) V12.

You don't just give random billionaires a few horsepower shy of a thousand and not expect them to fly into the ocean.

This shot from our shooter GF Williams shows a serious-looking box section up front, and one of the biggest windshield surrounds we've seen since we watched an Audi R18 crashed into a wall.

Perhaps the best part about this carbon monocoque is that we can't see the whale shark mouth the car has been running on the streets of Italy.

The real question, though, is if this thing looks sexy enough to compete with McLaren's P1 and Porsche's 918. They're all hybrids, but that doesn't mean they're equal.

And how are the doors going to work with those roof cutouts?

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Photo Credit: GF Williams/Jalopnik