Part of me really wishes I was alive in the era before anyone cared if you got your fool self killed. Because that meant incredible stuff like this tire-less Model A driving on a pair of steel cables acting as a river ferry would have been around.

This is such a simultaneous great and terrible idea. Plus, look at that article— this was put together by a couple of Virginia youths? How'd they get those cables? How'd they string them across the river? I want to know more, lots more.

I also love that in the pictures the Depression-era hotties are all lounging on the outside of the car, because driving an old Ford on wires strung across a river by moonshine-fueled kids isn't a big enough fuck you to safety. To really let safety know what you think of it's scrawny, helmet-wearing ass, ride on the freaking hood and jump into that river headfirst, right under the suspended car.

They did make a small sop to not dying by tethering the car on an overhead trolley line as well, so it's really not that bad if someone inside the car decides to, you know, steer or something.


This is great. I officially encourage all Viginia and other state youths to get an old Geo Metro and give this a try on the river of your choice.

Unless you get yourself killed, in which case I strongly advise you not to do this, retroactively.

(Thanks, Benjamin Grey and Retronaut!)