Ever since the first day we saw the Porsche 918, we wanted one. Sure it gets 78 MPG, but it also makes 800 horsepower and a noise that would make Switzerland go to war. This is the kind of hybrid we can get behind.

And now we have gotten a look at the finished car. Hybrid-sexy-wonderful-classic-racing-livery-goodness for all!

The 918's leaked brochure shows off everything excellent about the car. First thing we noticed? The interior. To us, it looks a lot like the Carrera GT's interior, except futuristic. There appears to be a large touchscreen down the center console and a hell of a lot of buttons on the wheel.

This is also the first time we've gotten a chance to see the full mosaic of colors that the 918 will have available. Black looks sinister and the metallic blues look very cool as well. But something on the bottom right really caught our eye.

That's right, if this is the actual document, it means that Porsche is actually going to be offering two classic racing liveries for the street, like the ones on the test cars. Sign us up for the Salzburg Racing Design, thank you very much.

While Porsche has confirmed that the car will be making nearly 800 horsepower, this is also our first look at the actual power curve and underpinnings of the car.

And of course, what good would a brochure be without some awesome futuristic car porn?

Yeah, color us excited.