Million dollar supercars are cool, but they're always restricted by annoying real world physics. On the other hand, video game cars face no restrictions at all, and Jalopnik readers have found the ten craziest ever madel.

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Photo Credit: Citroën

10.) SLF450X - Midnight Club II

Suggested By: Boxer_4

What makes it cool: Midnight Club II features more than a few high-powered supercars and heavily modified street racers. However, none can match the capabilities of the game's only original vehicle, the SLF450X. This car is a jet-powered monster that can reach 250 mph. With a few specially applied codes, it also has the ability to fire machine guns and shoot missiles. That'll teach even the Saleen S7 and 911 Turbo to move over to the right.

Photo Credit: takumi/Internet Game Cars Database

9.) Red Bull X2011 - Gran Turismo 5

Suggested By: jmilone

What makes it cool: This is what happens when a video game developer asks a winning Formula 1 team to design a car with no restrictions or regulations. The X2011 is an updated version of the X2010, itself capable of producing forces of 6 g and reaching speeds in excess of 300 mph. Up that figure to 8 g and increase the top speed to get the X2011. While it bears a resemblance to an F1 car, the X2011 can take corners at speeds no F1 car can match. It's all thanks to its covered wheels, a smooth glass canopy over the driver and fan technology, which sucks the car to the ground.

Photo Credit: Jacob Holmén

8.) The Banshee - Grand Theft Auto

Suggested By: robertfoster

What makes it cool: The Banshee has been featured in almost every Grand Theft Auto game, making it almost as iconic to the franchise as killing hookers. Originally it resembled a Dodge Viper, though it's also been seen looking a lot like an 80's Corvette or a TVR. No matter what form it takes, the Banshee is a fast and stylish way to drive around and beat the crap out of people.

Photo Credit: ZS/GTA Wikia

7.) Ford Indigo - Need For Speed II

Suggested By: conrader

What makes it cool: The Ford Indigo was originally an open wheel concept featuring a 6.0 liter V12 good for 28 mpg on the highway. While Ford provided this fact, it doesn't matter much from a Need for Speed II perspective, where only high-speed performance is important. Similarly ignored would be the ahead-of-their-time HID headlights, push button shifting, and engine-as-structure components. Ford built a real mock-up, but that's as far as it went out of the virtual world.

Photo Credit: G-MANN/Internet Game Car Database

6.) Mario's Kart - Mario Kart

Suggested By: Marimvibe's curtain call

What makes it cool: There are faster, cooler looking, and certainly safer video game cars you can check out, but few have the character of Mario's (and his friends', and enemies') kart. It's got character built over two decades of dodging banana peels, being maimed by bob-ombs, and chasing down mushrooms for that extra boost of speed.

Photo Credit: Nintendo

5.) Convertible Taxi - Crazy Taxi

Suggested By: SennaMP4

What makes it cool: First of all, it's remarkable that passengers even got in this vaguely Cadillac-esque convertible. They saw you pull up like lunatic, right? Apparently in the Crazy Taxi world people just want to get to their destination as fast as possible. Catching air on the game's countless hills seemed sure to eject them but never did. Presumably everyone's wearing their seat belts.

Photo Credit: Hitmaker/Sega

4.) G-1655 Interceptor - Spy Hunter

Suggested By: zacarious

What makes it cool: Usually a car you can only see from the roof is not going to get you excited, which is why cars are rarely shown in this format. But the G-1655 was so cool from the roof that you didn't even need to see the sides, front, or back. All you needed to see was it firing a cannon at your enemies, or a heat seeking missile, or transforming into a speedboat or a motorcycle.

Photo Credit: Tyan23/Wikipedia

3.) Devastator VI - Cruis'n USA

Suggested By: wisc47

What makes it cool: Cruis'n USA was, for those growing up in the 90's, the definitive road racing game. It could be found in just about every arcade across the country, and featured a sick half-turn to lock steering wheel and oddly gated 4-speed manual transmission. The Devastator was the ultimate car in the game, no doubt getting its name from the fact that it devastated the competition. It featured a twin turbo V6 good for 394 horsepower, which today doesn't sound like much, but back then was more power than you could have imagined. Paired with that 4-speed, this baby could go.

Photo Credit: Internet Car Game Database

2.) GTbyCITROËN - Gran Turismo 5

Suggested By: pauljones

What makes it cool: As reader Dr_Watson puts it, the GT "looks like a shark had sex with a space ship." In Gran Turismo 5, three versions of the great white supercar exist, with the range topper featuring a hydrogen fuel cell power plant good for nearly 800 horsepower.

A real-life version debuted four years ago at the Paris motor show, and in 2009 Citroën even said they were going to do a production run. But then they told everyone to shove it and go back to their Playstations, because you can't afford a 2.1 million dollar car anyway.

Photo Credit: Omar Bethencourt

1.) M12 FAV Warthog - Halo

Suggested By: StreetsideStig

What makes it cool: Master Chief's most recognizable vehicle features all-wheel steering and a massive machine gun with infinite bullets. It converts water to pure hydrogen on the go, has indestructible tires, and stops immediately if you ever jump out of it. The Warthog's biggest flaw is that driving it alone leaves you pretty exposed, but with a few buddies there's hardly a quicker Covenant killing machine.

Photo Credit: Jeff Miller