In Tim Burton's Batman movie, the Joker reflects of the hero: where does he get those wonderful toys? The same could be said for Canada, our neighbor to the north, who seems to get a lot of cool stuff we don't. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Doka was once icily Canadian, but now lives in sunny CA. It's inarguably cool, but does this one's price have you thinking the seller is joking?

Few of you were toying with the idea of a classic Thunderbird custom wagon, a fact expressed more so in the comments than in the car's narrow 53% Crack Pipe loss. The price may not have been in it favor, but there's no arguing the ironic brilliance of making a shooting brake out of a bullet bird.

Less bullet-like and more akin to a brick is VW's T3 Transporter, and a variation of that family hauler that is more commercial than basic cable is the Doppelkabine or Doka. Never officially imported to the US of A, this '85 Double Cab not only has received its own DREAM act, but presently lives in that bastion of inflexibility for non-smog compliant cars, California.

Part of what makes that possible is its conversion from 1.9-litre Canadian maple syrup-powered flat four to a larger and more California-y 2.1 out of a local Westy. That's a good switcheroo for the truck, however the Mercedes CLK wheels are perhaps not.

Says the seller-

The Mercedes CLK Rims are on the DOKA! First set of rims and tires we drove 3 hours to pick up near Sacramento, CA and one had a cracked rim. Then two months later found another set in Los Angeles with out tires, got the tires switched over and went to install them and the tires rubbed in the front. So then I got spacers and the lug bolts weren't long enough so we had to convert the front hubs to studs and the first studs the shop sold me were too short so had to put everything back to stock (again) and the next day get longer studs, get them installed and locked into place, install spacers and get everything torqued down tight! Simple updates aren't always simple … but at least we take the time to do them right!

When it comes to wheels, if the words spacers and convert don't scare you, then nothing will. Well, maybe bears. At least all the work put into getting the Benz alloys on the truck seemed to have been visually worthwhile as they do look good. The rest of the Doka is a little rough around the edges, and a little rust around those very same corners, but nothing some POR can't handle.


Speaking of paint, this pale flesh color seems to have been a popular choice on Dokas back in the eighties, but could stand a color sand now. Another issue on the exterior is the back bumper which seems to be missing a part or three. On the inside, the cloth seats and basic vinyl trim appear serviceable if simple. It should be noted that this Doka is not a Tristar so it lacks that model's luxury appointments as well as Synchro AWD.

Of course prices for Tristars are jaw dropping - when you can even find one in the US. This standard issue Doka is rare enough as it is, and seems a solid truck. Those facts haven't escaped the seller who has set his price at $13,500.


What do you think about that price for this Double Cab? Is it rare enough, and with mods that sufficiently balance the good and bad, to command that much cash? Or, does that make you say D'oh!-ka?

You decide!

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