I know what you're thinking, two Nice Price or Crack Pipe Cavaliers in two weeks, what's wrong with you? Well, this week's car packs a punch, and there's nothing wrong with that. The question is, does its price put a turd in the punchbowl?

Fan derives from the word fanatic, which is described by the fine folks at the New Oxford American dictionary as an individual with an obsessive interest in, and enthusiasm for, something. Um yeah, Obsessive interest in. That very likely perfectly describes the person or persons who created yesterday's unique 1999 Pontiac Grand Am lady repellant, however with an 80% Crack Pipe loss, it's unlikely to find many fanatics here.

That Pontiac's Star Wars murals may have been awesomely bad, but that Pontiac was like many cars that, stock, are simply so innocuous, so desperately mundane, that they never warrant inclusion here unless they have been somehow modded to add a little excitement.


One such car is Chevy's long serving and dull as dishwater Cavalier, of which we had an L67-powered example last week, posing as a Grand National's baby bro. That was pretty interesting, albeit not sufficiently so to warrant its asking price according to an overwhelming majority, but was lamented for not being even more off the wall.

Today we're looking at another custom Cavalier, and this one's off the proverbial hook. What started out as a four cylinder-front wheel drive 1984 Cavalier convertible, now sports a stonkin' big SBC which manages its anger with a Ford 9" rear end, after passing through an equally Forderiffic C700 a 700R automatic.

But wait, there's more Ford! Switching from FWD to stormin' Norman rear driver takes some significant surgery and making that possible is a full-on Mustang II platform providing suspension mounts and a tunnel for all those ponies to flow through. Not only does the conversion make this possibly the Most Interesting Cavalier In The World - I don't always smoke, but when I do, it's radials - but it also rids the world of a Mustang II, should you hate on those to any extent.


The conversion seems well handled, and as the ad claims it was done over ten years and 10,000 kilometers ago, it obviously holds up. It's also a ragtop which makes it surprising that over its ten-year life it hasn't completely pretzelled, as seemingly all four tires touch the ground pretty consistently. Cragar mags - the rears notably fatter than the fronts being about the only indication of this car's potential - help make this Cavalier - unlike last week's - a sleeper like Rip Van Winkle.

As you might expect, the seller claims that a ton of money went into building this topless beast, and he even notes that the car has been appraised at $16,000. I don't know what it is with Canadians and getting their cars appraised, but it seems like almost all of them do it. Thankfully, he's not sticking to the appraisal in setting his price tag, having cut five hundred off and settling at a $15,500 to drive this bad boy drive-away.

What's your take on that amount of cash for this Cavalier? Is that a price that would have you doing donuts? or, is that too much for this custom Chevy, even if the tail does wag the dog?

You decide!

Used Victoria or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Ian for the hookup!

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