The sad truth is that most of us aren't able to travel to every racing event or see every new car in person. Luckily, Jalopnik readers know ten promising young photographers, whose work allows us to feel like we're there anytime a car does something beautiful or important.

Welcome back to Answers of the Day — our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers.


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Photo Credit: GF Williams

10.) Mike Burroughs and Andrew Ritter

Suggested By: jtmetz

Who this is: Mike Burroughs and Andrew Ritter together run the website Stance Works, which provides images, posts, and forums for car enthusiasts. One quick check and you'll understand why they made the list.

Photo Credit: Mike Burroughs

9.) Jamey Price

Suggested By: f86sabre

Who this is: Jamey is a sports photographer who sometimes shoots motorsports, and it's worth following him for those moments when he does. Check out this North Carolina based photojournalist here.

Photo Credit: Jamey Price

8.) Douglas Sonders

Suggested By: Joe Gravelle

Why this is: Like Mr. Price, Sonders, doesn't photograph cars exclusively, but you'll be inclined to let that slide after taking a look at a few of his photographs. Sonders has a unique lighting style, one that simultaneously makes the cars look unrealistically good and so realistic that you're sure you're standing in front of them rather than a computer screen.

Photo Credit: Douglas Sonders

7.) Dennis Noten

Suggested By: the_guy_nick

Why this is: Dennis Noten tends to capture cars in their natural environment: on the street. No staging, no prepping, no dramatic background. It seems like it would be harder to get a good picture that way (and probably is), but Dennis Noten is so good he makes it look easy.

Photo Credit: Dennis Noten

6.) GF Williams

Suggested By: Hermann

Why this is: Take a picture of an Aston Martin doing just about anything and it's going to look pretty good. But how do you make a Toyota Yaris look fun and exciting and a little bit dangerous? I honestly couldn't tell you, but check out GF Williams because he appears to have figured out the formula.

Photo Credit: GF Williams

5.) Nick Busato

Suggested By: Old Boone

Who this is: Nick Busato captures the two most integral parts of motorsports racing: the cars and the people. Though you can't see the picture move, look at one of his photographs and you might swear you're there.

Photo Credit: Nick Busato

4.) Easton Chang

Suggested By:DSC Off

Who this is: Australian-based photographer Easton Chang's talents have been tapped by companies as high up on the automotive echelon as Rolls-Royce. No doubt they found his talent for capturing the best qualities of a car with dramatic scenery or dramatic lighting of great use, as have many other magazines and manufacturers.

Photo Credit: Easton Chang

3.) Larry Chen

Suggested By: R3d Barron

Who this is: Larry Chen works for Speedhunters, where his ability to capture the incredible action shots of drifting and autocross have found him a devoted following. But capturing action isn't his only skill, as he's quite adept at making a car look exciting standing still. He's also hilarious when he gets bored.

Photo Credit: Larry Chen

2.) Camden Thrasher

Suggested By: 4quattro

Why it works: If you head over to Camden Thrasher's website, you'll find he's divided his photographs into sections such as "Solitude," "Intensity," and "Speed," to name a few. And this seperation is not at all unwarranted, as Mr. Thrasher's gift for capturing the feeling of a moment is so great you'd be hard pressed to say the cars themselves didn't have emotions.

Photo Credit: Camden Thrasher

1.) Sean Klingelhoefer

Suggested By: Meatstick62

Why it works: Sean Klingelhoefer runs a blog, posts on Speedhunters, has a flickr, a tumblr, and a professional portfolio, all of which you can check out on his site. And we suggest you do, as this SoCal based photographer is amongst the most promising out there today.

Photo Credit: Sean Klingelhoefer