While there's always something to be said for making your car unique, some people take it too far. Jalopnik readers have come up with the most gut-wrenching, stomach-turning custom tuner cars to help prove this point.

Welcome back to Answers of the Day — our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers.

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Photo Credit: Italian Supercar Video


10.) VeilSide 4509 GTR

Suggested By: CondemnedtoaSlowrolla


How it's tastless: What used to be a completely respectable Toyota Supra now sports what appear to be Audi R8 headlights and a lot of confused Bentley Continental GT-esque bodywork. Somebody should tell VeilSide and everybody driving a Honda Civic with a BMW grill that social climbing doesn't work this way.

Photo Credit: VeilSide


9.) West Coast Customs 1959 Corvette

Suggested By: RamblinRover


How it's tasteless: At first glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was a C6 Corvette with retro bodywork. But no. Instead, musician will.i.am. had West Coast Customs take the worst part of a C6 — the interior — and put it inside a 1959. Then together they removed all the chrome and replaced it with aluminum-look plastic. But hey! It has an iPad instead of buttons! That makes it cool, right?

Photo Credit: West Coast Customs


8.) DC Designs Tata Nano

Suggested By: ipederson


How it's tasteless: Do you want a car with a 1.6 liter engine that tops out at 124 mph? You could buy a Nissan Juke, or you could spend $218,000 converting the world's cheapest car into the world's most expensive joke, the DC Designs Tata Nano.

Photo Credit: DC Designs


7.) Gemballa Mirage GT

Suggested By: Koenigseggisseggggnignigsegggg

How it's tastless: The Carrera GT is pure Porsche. It's a fantastic driving car and nothing more. It's the product of everything Porsche learned racing in the '90s. Then, Gemballa tacked on a weird glass roof scoop and some body work that would look more at home on an Elantra and called it a day.


Photo Credit: RGT3

6.) Predator Xtreme

Suggested By: TheReno

How it's tastless: The Predator Xtreme has a Lamborghini V10. This is where the good news ends. Beyond that, it looks like a Reventon, an Enzo, and some sort of bottom feeding fish got into a horrible accident, and the only thing that could save them were some Infiniti G35 taillights.


Photo Credit: Knight Rider/IMCDB

5.) Texas Tough Halftrack Hummer

Suggested By: wheatieboy


How it's tasteless: Have you ever found yourself sitting inside your car, with the hood open, wishing you could watch TV through the windshield? Then this abomination from N-Fab and Allout Offroad is the car for you, because it has a monitor mounted under-hood that allows you to do just that. Just make sure not to drive this thing anywhere, because you might get your screen dirty.

Photo Credit: Allout Offroad


4.) Sbarro GT8

Suggested By: Patrick Frawley


How it's tastless: Who can turn a Ferrari 360 into something that looks like a poorly modified Mitsubishi? Sbarro can. A list of just Sbarro's most tasteless creations could keep us entertained for hours, but this pink monster wins today.

Photo Credit: Sbarro


3.) Mansory Chopster

Suggested By: sampsonite24


How it's tastless: While the whole Mansory lineup deserves a spot on this list, it's this former Cayenne that takes the cake. Mansory doesn't even seem to defend the looks of their creation, instead simply calling the exterior design, "carbon as far as the eye can see."

Photo Credit: Mansory


2.) Porsche/Peugeot/Toyota Thing

Suggested By: $kaycog


How it's tastless: The builder of this car, a Mr. Sofus "Fuzzy" Hansen, lives on the Faroe Islands, which are not nearly remote enough to warrant his butchering of this Porsche 928 with Peugeot and Toyota parts. As reader $kaycog puts it, the car "even looks shocked by its own appearance."

Photo Credit: Bo Lundvang, sportbilen.se / Street Xtreme


1.) Anliker McLaren Mercedes SLR

Suggested By: rockchops


How it's tastless: Do you want a car with gold leather seats? And gold wheels? And a gold exhaust? And gold headlights? And… well, a lot of gold? Do you also want one with a snowplow of a front end and some overwhelmingly red paint? This car, built by a Swiss entrepreneur, was recently for sale for the low, low price of 7 million pounds. Please, buy it — but only if you intend to kill it with fire.

Photo Credit: Anliker-Ueli.ch