The Quail is one of the most exclusive events of the entire Pebble Beach car week. Formally called "The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering," a veritable cornucopia of the greatest cars in the world hold down the lawn on the Quail Lodge golf course while insanely rich people in ridiculous hats gawk at them.

So how did riff raff like me get in? I have no idea.

Even though the word motorsports is in the title of the event, the selection of cars on the lawn is not exclusive to racing at all. There's a little bit of everything. And like other high profile classic car events, manufacturers have also chosen The Quail to reveal special edition cars that only a sheik who just won the lottery could afford.

Best in show went to a 1930's 4 liter Bentley, a gorgeous example. The Quail is considered a preview of Pebble Beach's Sunday events, so we just might see this car take home more trophies this weekend.

Take a peek at the scene, it's an event on the car guy bucket list.