So, Wikileaks founder has been granted asylum by Ecuador after fleeing to their embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden over rape charges. But… he's still trapped in the embassy. How does he get to Ecuador? Get to the airport. How does he get to the airport? Possibly the diplomatic BMW 5-Series above.

It's going to be like Ronin or The Italian Job but in Britain. Also, it may not work because the police can theoretically stop the car. Also, he has to get to the car without getting arrested.


We're watching the standoff and are actively pulling for a car chase, but at this point it'll probably still be resolved the old fashion way with diplomacy. What's the fun in that?

Here's what we know so far from Twitter. We'll keep updating.

Also, we should mention, this entire twitter stream is being brought to you by Land Rover. Good advertising:

Thanks to the link below from Gawker's Adrian Chen you can watch the car:

Here's a better stream:

Photo Credit: Getty