All carmakers have a "secret menu" of parts they could cobble together into a double-double cheeseburger of awesome. That's how Jalopnik readers came up with the ten craziest engine/chassis combos that need to get built, now.

Welcome back to Answers of the Day — our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

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Photo Credit: VW

10.) Honda Fit with Civic Si Motor

Suggested By: burglar can't heartclick anything


Why it should happen: Compared to those built in Honda's golden age, today's Civics are huge. The Fit is much closer in size and weight to the classic 1980s and 1990s Civics we love. At this point, Honda should give the lighter Fit the Si engine bestows upon its chubby big brother. It would be like the chuckable Civic Si of old.

How much added power: 71%. From 117 hp to 201hp.

Photo Credit: Nestor Panelo, Honda


9.) Mini Cooper with BMW N63 V8

Suggested By: peter314


Why it should happen: In spite of the 4x4 crossover Countryman, BMW has not yet reached peak bullshit with the Mini brand. Let's speed up the process by sticking BMW's twin-turbo V8 from the 650i into the front of a little Cooper. It'll show that light weight and tradition really mean jack shit to the Bavarians. It's possible that the engine will stick halfway into the passenger compartment like an old van.

How much added power: 102%. From 201 hp (John Cooper Works Edition) to 407 hp.

Photo Credit: Kevin Stephenson, BMW


8.) Dodge Challenger with Ferrari V12

Suggested By: Kate's Dirty Sister


Why it should happen: It's great that Chrysler is making money since the Italians moved in, but the real fruit of the Fiat partnership is yet to bear. We need Ferrari engines stuffed into every car humanly possible. The gargantuan hood of the Challenger should fit a front-mounted V12 very easily.

How much added power: 55%. From 470 hp (SRT8 392) to 729 hp (F12 berlinetta).

Photo Credit: Dodge, Ferrari


7.) Chevrolet Cruze with LS7 V8, WTCC bodywork

Suggested By: chrisdraper2007


Why it should happen: Chevrolet has built a high-performance Cruze, but it has been restricted to the racetracks of the World Touring Car Challenge. While the car has been winning races left and right, picking up the 2010 and 2011 championships, the 1.6 liter turbo four would be a little high strung for most of America.

For a road car model, why not use Chevy's corporate Corvette V8? Sure it has over four times the displacement, but it's not like a road-going WTCC car would have to meet any engine restriction requirements.

How much added power: 68%. From 301 hp to 505 hp.

Photo Credit: Andreas Reiffer, Chevrolet


6.) Suzuki Swift with Hayabusa Engine

Suggested By: Gingertron MK1


Why it should happen: Suzuki is on death watch here in the US, with next to no brand recognition and a stale product line. It would take a lot to get people into the handful of remaining showrooms. Stuffing a super light motorcycle engine into the front of their little sporty hatchback would certainly get people talking.

How much added power: 40%. From 123 hp (Swift Sport) to 172hp

Photo Credit: Suzuki, Hartley Enterprises


5.) Godzilla-Powered Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

Suggested By: CanuckChinaman


Why it should happen: There is no good reason for Nissan to make the CrossCabriolet. Since the crossover convertible is nothing but a crazy image car, Nissan should go ahead and stuff a GT-R drivetrain in there. Surely there are a couple of power-crazed rich moms who just have to beat everyone else to soccer practice with their Murano CrossCabriolet "Turbo S."

Nissan's already done this with the Juke R, so how hard could it be?


How much added power:106%. From 265 hp to 545 hp.

Photo Credit: Nissan, Markus Iofcea


4.) VW Beetle with Porsche Flat 6 in the back

Suggested By: Gingertron MK1

Why it should happen: The VW Beetle is kind of like that annoying kid in elementary school: he really, really wants to be your friend and will do anything to hang out with you. VW has butched up the newest version as much as they can, but it's still not enough to shed its girlie image. Now that they totally own Porsche, VW can finally shove a flat six in the back and make a real Super Beetle. No flower vases need apply.


How much added power: 100%. From 200 hp (Beetle Turbo) to 400 hp (Carrera S)

Photo Credit: VW, Porsche


3.) FRS/GT86 with Lexus LF-A V10

Suggested By: FalconHoon


Why it should happen: Much as the FR-S/BRZ/GT 86 was touted as the ultimate dorifto mobile, it actually needs a lot of work to get it sideways. That's fun and all, but we want something more out of the little RWD platform. Surely there's room for the screaming V10 out of the LF-A. It would be a much better fit than the heavy, tall Lexus V8s people have been cramming into drift cars.

How much added power: 176%. From 200hp to 552 hp.

Photo Credit: needoptinc, Lexus


2.) Mazda MX-5 with SkyActiv Diesel

Suggested By: SuperCharger.Heaven


Why it should happen: We love diesels here at Jalopnik and we love light little sports cars like the MX-5. We also like the idea of a super relaxed, long distance sports car, complete with a high torque, low revving engine. Why not fit an MX-5 with Mazda's new super-efficient diesel motor? It would be a perfect road trip car, like the legendary Big Healeys, which had the inline six out of a truck.

How much added power: 4%. From 167 hp to 173 hp.

Photo Credit: Tim Wang, Mazda


1.) Godzilla-powered Dacia Sandero

Suggested By: Sam Payne is Partial to Column Shifters


Why it should happen: Dacia, Renault's budget brand from Romania, is cleaning up in the European sales race now that everyone over there is going bankrupt. Renault should reward the brand with a new halo car and the GT-R's monstrous twin-turbo six is just dying for more production capacity. Great news! Dacia even has even tried this out at Pike's Peak, so this isn't the craziest idea ever.

How much added power: 386%. From 112 hp to 545 hp.

Photo Credit: Dacia, Nissan