Today we ran ten helpful tips in how to make your ordinary commuting life less hellish. But what if you're not ordinary?

Reader Mkolabin came up with ten insane ways to make your commute the fun, exciting, and reasonably dangerous experience you've always dreamed of. You'll never have a dull moment to and from work again!

Photo Credit: Brandon Doran

10.) Tire-Shredding Econo-Test

What you do:

Put just enough gas in your tank to make it to work, then waste some of it shredding tires in your driveway before you set off. The challenge then, is to make it to work on your compromised mileage.

Photo Credit: Philipp Lücke

9.) The Lap Trip

What you do:

Drive to work with a pan of water on your lap, try not to spill any.

Photo Credit: Travis Hill

8.) The One-Fingered Commute

What you do:

Tape your middle fingers as though they've been broken but in such a way that while you're driving along at 10 and 2 (or 3 and 9) or so that just random hand motions you make in the car look like you're flipping off traffic around you.

Photo Credit: Siel Ju

7.) The Brown Alert

What you do:

Save your morning constitutional for the office. Race yourself to see if you make it to work before ruining a pair of pants.

Photo Credit: Bruce A Stockwell

6.) The Cozy Coupe

What you do:

Carpool in your pajamas, or bring a pillow and stuffed animal to cozy up with in the back seat.

Photo Credit: rev_j0hn

5.) The Job Security Motivational Rally

What you do:

Call your boss before work. Leave a message on his/her answering machine. Tell him/her exactly what you think of him/her in unkind words and then yell, "I QUIT!" Then race to the office, hoping you can beat your boss to work, and erase the message.

Photo Credit: Eric Mesa

4.) Back Way Forwards

What you do:

If you're stuck in stop and go traffic all the way with an average speed of say 15 kph, drive in reverse all the way to work. Take pictures of the drivers in the cars "behind" you. Post to Facebook with confused captions like, "What is the deal with people?"

3.) The Donut Run

What you do:

Drive to work on four spare tires, or 175's. Works best on 'weathery' days.

2.) The Sane Solution

What you do:

Do your daily commute in a car that is easy to drive.

Photo Credit: Toyota

1.) The Mad Solution

What you do:

Do your daily commute in a car that is God awful to drive.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk