The Olympics already has yachting, cycling, shooting, bobsled, luge, skeleton, kayaking, rowing, and horse riding. Jalopnik readers think it's time to include cars, and they've picked out ten motor sports to add to the games.

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10.) Endurance Racing

Suggested By: neumann hoons a diesel

Why it's worthy: Very little tests a driver like the long hours behind the wheel of an endurance racer. There's no question that it's a true sport, as champion endurance racer Allan McNish explains. Keep the specifications of the cars uniform and low-cost and you'd have the automotive equivalent of the marathon.

9.) Race of Champions

Suggested By: DCAutoGeek

Why it's worthy: There already is a competition where drivers represent their home country and compete nation-against-nation in uniform cars. It's called the Race of Champions, and we'd like to see these little buggies and their indoor tracks come to the Olympics. Hell, in 2009 they even held the RoC in the Bird's Nest in Beijing.

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8.) Karting

Suggested By: Tedediah

Why it's worthy: More than any other kind of motor racing, karts let you see what the driver is doing. While F1 cars tuck drivers away in carbon fiber safety cells, kart racers are fully exposed. It's grueling racing where skill is paramount. It'd be perfect for the Games.

Photo Credit: R_Savvy

7.) Car Soccer

Suggested By: ryan5003

Why it's worthy: Since there already is soccer in the Olympics, why not soccer with cars?

Photo Credit: Top Gear

6.) Humans pulling Trucks

Suggested By: I Hate American Cars

Why it's worthy: Not every car-related sport has to see people driving. It'd be a fine addition to the weightlifting competitions to have Olympians pulling monster trucks, firetrucks, or even trucks driving in the opposite direction, like Top Gear did with a Mercedes.

Photo Credit: Greg Trezise

5.) Ski Jump

Suggested By: $kaycog

Why it's worthy: We've already seen cars do the long jump, why not add the ski jump to that list? You might have to build some beefy suspension setups to keep the cars from exploding on impact, but we think it's worth a try.

Photo Credit: Audi

4.) Drag Racing

Suggested By: GuacamoleFire

Why it's worthy: A huge amount of skill is required to get a drag racer off the line and it's heavily physical to keep it pointing straight and true. If the Olympics ran a spec drag racing car, there would be a huge opportunity for drag racers the world over to compete in terms of strength and technique, a perfect new event.

Photo Credit: J. Michael Raby

3.) Drifting

Suggested By: TimTim

Why it's worthy: Or as we would call it, "hoonastics." Since the Olympics already allow sports with subjective judging, like figure skating, drift competitions would fit right in.

Photo Credit: Jacob T. Meltzer

2.) Formula Ford

Suggested By: Sam Payne Is Partial to Column Shifter's Profile

Why it's worthy: Set up like the aborted A1GP, this would see each nation racing in identical open-wheeled cars with no wings and little grip. It would be like grand prix racing of the old days, where the skill of the driver can really show itself.

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1.) Rally Biathlon

Suggested By: Kiwi_Commander

Why it's worthy: Drivers would race through a snowy forest stage, pull up to a set of targets and shoot from the car. Again, Top Gear tried this one, but they really need spec rally cars spitting flames through the trees to make it a top-level event.

Photo Credit: Kyn Chung