Fake carbon fiber, plastic wood, shifter paddles on an automatic gearbox. These are the defining characteristics of the vehicles Jalopnik readers selected as the ten lamest cars you can buy.

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Photo Credit: Aston Martin

10.) Mini Countryman

Suggested By: coryd

Why it's lame: The Countryman could be a good car. It could ride well, have nice space, look kind of funky, and be reasonably affordable. That means nothing, because it's too fat to be a "Mini," and it shamelessly cashes in on the innovations of yesteryear to sell a mini-crossover.

Photo Credit: NRMA Motoring and Services

9.) Aston Martin Cygnet

Suggested By: Gamecat235

Why it's lame: It can be cool to dress up a little car with high-end touches (the Radford Mini, for example), but you have to make the luxury stealthy. Slapping a fat chrome grill and hood vents on a Toyota iQ is not stealthy. It is obnoxious.


The only saving grace here is that it allows them to build more V12 Aston Martins.

Photo Credit: Aston Martin

8.) Honda CRZ

Suggested By: Pcleez

Why it's lame: Much as we love the idea of a funky-styled sporty Japanese coupe with a weird powertrain, everybody knows the CRZ fell short. It's supposed to be fun to drive and environmentally friendly, but it somehow managed to miss both objectives.

Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

7.) Chevy Spark

Suggested By: Irving Washington

Why it's lame: With its anime eyes headlights and shouty details, the Sparks screams, "Cool young people! Take pictures of me on Instagram! Do it!"

Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

6.) Scion tC

Suggested By: mingoesbueno

Why it's lame: The tC is for people who wanted something cool and sporty but couldn't dare to buy something interesting.

Photo Credit: Ryan Tir

5.) Acura ZDX

Suggested By: 3pedalsgood

Why it's lame: Acura ripped of the BMW X6 and ended up with something even more desperate. It's big and wasteful, but it has no space for stuff or human beings. It is a big toy, trying to look cool.

Photo Credit: Michael Gil

4.) Scion xD

Suggested By: Dwhite

Why it's lame: Not even a rally car campaign can make this thing interesting. The harder Scion tries to make this beigemobile appear cool, the worse the xD gets. It's a shame, too, because the first one was sort of interesting.

Photo Credit: Aaron Van Dike

3.) Harley-Davidson Ford F-150

Suggested By: StreetsideStig

Why it's lame: Hey "tough guy," you're not a rebel. You're a rich old dude. Get over yourself.

Photo Credit: Ford

2.) Smart ForTwo

Suggested By: Saablife

Why it's lame: If your car's name tries to tell people that you're smart because you bought one, you're trying too hard.

Photo Credit: Tim Wang

1.) Infiniti G25

Suggested By: TheCrudMan

Why it's lame: If you had less money, you'd be buying a Camry. You have no imagination, but you want all your friends to know that you just got a promotion. So you buy the most soporific of all the faux-wood and faux-carbon fiber near-luxury sedans, the entry-level G25.

Photo Credit: Infiniti