It turns out that the same part of your brain that you use to recognize human faces is what you use to recognize the front ends of cars. To your gray matter, headlights really do look like eyes and grills really do look like mouths.

When we see things with facial features, we start forming irrationally emotional attachments to non-sentient objects. Put some eyes on that brick-laying machine we saw today, and you immediately hear its loving voice calling out to you.

This anthropomorphisation has some serious implications for Mazda, whose cars have had some seriously emotive faces over the past half decade. While we were watching the smile fade from the MX-5, BrtStlnd gave thanks, and everyone else piled on him for it. He and our own Matt Hardigree went in a literary direction, but Pessimippopotamus was more car-centric.


I like cars with happy faces. All new cars are angry. Can you name at least 10 cars currently on the market that looks "happy"?


There's a thin line between happy and dorky.


That's fine. As long as they don't all look at me like I raped their sister and killed their mothers.

Given that it's Friday, I'm just going to Photoshop a bunch of angry eyebrows onto new cars. Anyone want to join me in the comments?

Photo Credit: Nibby4WD/cybrbeast