With summer rolling in, you're probably tempted to get a convertible, but be warned that not all convertibles are created equally. Jalopnik readers found ten convertibles that are so bad they'd make a rental Sebring feel like a Ferrari.

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Photo Credit: Alden Jewell

10.) Lexus SC430

Suggested By: Ash78 will float on, mmm-kay?

Why it's amazingly awful: There is, as far as I know, nothing strictly wrong with the Lexus SC430 and I'm sure many of the balding middle managers who own these things are happy with them. Compare it with any other vehicle of its class or price, however, and you start to realize how strange it is anyone would pay $70,000 for a bloated coupe with such a wimpy V8.

Photo Credit: Lexus

9.) Subaru WRX STI Convertible

Suggested By: Spartendog

Why it's amazingly awful: Manchester Subaru in New Hampshire took an axe to one of their STIs, stuck on a basket handle from a 1980s Golf Cabrio and put it on the market for no less than $75,000. You could buy a real car for that kind of money.

Photo Credit: Manchester Subaru

8.) Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

Suggested By: Supersport

Why it's amazingly awful: Are you a trophy wife? Are you bored? Buy one of these factory-fresh CrossCabs and your life will be marginally more interesting until the lease runs out.

We like weird cars, Nissan, but this is too much to bear.

Photo Credit: Nissan

7.) Dodge Omni 024 / Plymouth Horizon TC3

Suggested By: chucky2jimmy

Why it's amazingly awful: The Omni-based Dodge and Plymouth twins of the early ‘80s were never officially sold as convertibles. No executive was mad enough to green light something so woefully floppy. Aftermarket companies swooped in and hacked the top off on their own, making what were relatively decent cars for their time. That tells you more about the early '80s than the actual wheezy, flimsy car.

Photo Credit: Alden Jewell

6.) BYD S8

Suggested By: SennaMP4

Why it's amazingly awful: It's a Chinese Sebring that you can outrun with a van. It's a two-liter, four-cylinder knockoff of an old Mercedes. It is the "Build Your Dreams" S8 and it is an abomination. We expected more from a company whose president drinks battery acid.

Photo Credit: BYD

5.) Reva Zephyr

Suggested By: hexagonist

Why it's amazingly awful: The proud nation of India had to wait until 2003 to get their first convertible. Adding insult to injury, it was this electric penalty box. The Zephyr is just a convertible version of the G-Wiz, from many a Top Gear bashing.

Photo Credit: The Auto Channel

4.) Lada Samara Cabriolet

Suggested By: hexagonist

Why it's amazingly awful: Classic British sports cars taught the world that if the top goes down, you don't really need a lot of power, or reliability, or structural rigidity to have a good car. The Belgian, German and Australian markets-only Lada convertible puts those British qualifications to the test. The 1.5 liter engine pumps out 71 horsepower, without the car having any discernible redeeming qualities.

Photo Credit: Lada

3.) Zimmer Golden Spirit

Suggested By: ranwhenparked

Why it's amazingly awful: While the Reva and the Lada are painfully dinky, this superduper custom Zimmer is horrendously vast. Based off of a Lincoln Town Car, it is a relic that should have stayed in the 1970s where it belonged.

Photo Credit: Zimmer

2.) Hong Qi CA7220

Suggested By: Michael Banovsky

Why it's amazingly awful: One of the stranger stories of the automotive world is that of the Audi 100s built under license by the luxury brand of China's FAW conglomerate, Hongqi. They made some of these Audis with Chrysler engines, they turned others into El Camino-style pickups, and they even turned some of their stretched executive versions into convertibles.


If you want to roll in style like a self-made Hu Jintao, go ahead. Otherwise, steer clear of this thing.

Photo Credit: Hongqi

1.) Yugo Convertible

Suggested By: dogisbadob

Why it's amazingly awful: A few years ago, Yugos came back! Everyone was watching Drowning Mona, Michael Cera rocked one in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, and Yugos had serious hipster cred.

That moment in time has passed. The Yugo, particularly the convertible, is back to being vehicular proof that you've given up on life.

Photo Credit: Alden Jewell