A truck ferrying 400 sheep overturned on an overpass in Laverton, Australia, sending nearly 400 terrified sheep plummeting to their doom onto the traffic below. No humans were hurt as the 100+ pound animals tumbled onto passing cars, but only about 10 of the sheep survived.

This is one of those stories that, when you first hear about it, sounds funny. The idea of raining sheep sounds like an absurd cartoon. But the reality is just grim. It's like the saying "fun as a barrel of monkeys"— fun only if you don't really think about it, absolutely horrific in reality.

The grisly accident caused 9 hours of traffic delays and general chaotic conditions. Even though there were no serious injuries, many cars were extensively damaged from the falling livestock, some rolling, others simply suffering smashed windshields and caved-in roofs.

The surviving sheep, regardless of how much credit you give them for intellect, must be quite traumatized as well.