I don't listen to much hardcore anymore, mainly because I've grown tired of hearing the same complaints over the same rhythms and the same chords for too long. At a certain point, hardcore was beating a dead horse, music-wise.

It's clear to us that what was going on with this crushed Skyline affair is actually some shady business as some of our readers pointed out, but it also touches on the general subject of import restrictions. Rather than just beat a dead horse and complain, alan505 offered a solution.

Let's see if I understand this correctly.

Two Skylines - Dangerous to 'Mericans, Federal Government intervenes.

Medical Marijuana dispensaries - Sure the state laws are in conflict, but we're really not going to devote any resources to it as it's a states issue.


Medical Skylines.

I'm going to talk to my doctor about my symptoms (confusion, lethargic, eye-strain, anxiety) and see if he can right me a script to get me some Skyline.

Next, I'm going to lobby my Texas legislators to draft a Texas Medicinal Grey-Market Import law that states that Texas has the right to set their own rules regarding the importation of vehicles.

If the Feds can overlook one set of laws, then they can overlook another.