You've caught yourself driving too fast on the road before, and you'd like to take it to the track, but where can you go that's affordable? According to Jalopnik readers, these are the ten most affordable circuits in the American Northwest.

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Photo Credit: Jim Culp

10.) Dirtfish Rally School

Suggested By: UW Huskies - HuckNroller

How much: $625

Where: Snoqualmie, WA

What you get: This is by no means a track, but it deserves a mention. For $625, you get a four-hour course in rallying in their fully-prepped Subarus. Full-day and multiple-day events go up from there. It's not cheap, but it's awesome.

More info:

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9.) Portland International Raceway

Suggested By: teampenske3 - maybe next May...

How much: $295

Where: 1940 N Victory Blvd, Portland, OR

What you get: A one-day HPDE

More info: Hooked On Driving

Photo Credit: Portlad International Raceway

8.) Miller Motorsport Park

Suggested By: Bakkster_Man, touring car driver

How much: $30, $179, or $269

Where: Tooele, UT (about 4-7hrs south of southern Idaho, which is part of the Northwest)


What you get: With a NASA membership, you can sign up for an HPDE at Miller. If it's your first time, $179 gets you four 20min sessions on track with an instructor, and if you have more experience, $269 gets you eight 20min sessions across two days on your own.

If you can take a the afternoon off every second Wednesday, from 5-8PM Miller runs Wide Open Wednesdays, which gives you unlimited laps for $30. Autocross and ten karting laps are also both just $10.

More info: NASA HPDE schedule, Wide Open Wednesdays

Photo Credit: Miller Motorsports Park

7.) Pacific Raceways

Suggested By: Bippu-mode GO!

How much: $180+$65, $220+$40

Where: Kent, WA

What you get: A several-hour HPDE with a club like BMW-CCA, or the Alfa Romeo Owners Club. You don't have to own a BMW or Alfa to join, but they do have annual fees ($40 for BMW and $65 for Alfa). Price for a day on the track is $180 for the Alfisti and $220 for ze Germanophiles.


More info: - just plug in the area code 98042 for Pacific Raceways.

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6.) The Ridge Motorsports Park

Suggested By: dkvgqpss

How much: $249

Where: Shelton, WA

What you get: A full-day HPDE with lunch and instruction at a brand-new and fairly awesome-looking track for $249 with Ridge Racing School.

More info: Ridge Racing School, 2Fast

5.) Oregon Raceway Park

Suggested By: Picarso

How much: $175

Where: Grass Valley, OR

What you get: A track day with the Autocross Club of Central Oregon on an amazingly hilly track in the middle of nowhere.

More info:, Oregon Raceway

Photo Credit: Curt Smith

4.) Spokane County Raceway

Suggested By: token_liberal

How much: $175

Where: Just before the Airway Heights Corrections Center outside Spokane, OR

What you get: A full-day HPDE test-n-tune.

More info:, Northwest Motorsports Club, Spokane County Raceway

3.) Mission Raceway

Suggested By: SAMIboarder

How much: $115-155, $60 for membership

Where: Mission, British Columbia, about 2 and a half hours north of Seattle

What you get: A track day with the Sports Car Club of British Columbia. Annual membership runs $60. The first time on track will run you $155, and $115 after that.

More info:, SCCBC schedule, SCCBC membershipMission Raceway

Photo Credit: SCCCBC

2.) Pat's Acres Racing Complex

Suggested By: Rattleface Blouses

How much: $40 for registration, $80 for entry fee.

Where: Canby, OR, 40 minutes south of Portland

What you get: Eight or nine 15-minute drift sessions between 1PM and 7:30PM. Karting is also available for rent.

More info: Pat's Acres Racing Complex Drift Events

1.) Evergreen Speedway

Suggested By: Proud to drive a beater.

How much: $50 for laps, $70 for drifting

Where: Monroe, WA, about 40 minutes north of Seattle

What you get: Four laps of an infield road course on an afternoon-long "Time Your Ride" event and $70 for an open drift event.

More info: Lapping Day, Open Drift, Evergreen Speedway schedule

Photo Credit: Google Maps