Even though the first official day of summer is still over three weeks away, Memorial Day weekend has always signified the beginning of the season for us. With this in mind, we wanted to take a look at the ideal summer vehicle with a twist.

Few people would argue the ideal summer vehicle has some variation of removable or convertible top to let the summer sun shine down upon you. What if we took all of those vehicles out of the discussion? What vehicle with a full roof still has the ultimate combination of summer features even without a drop-top option? What is the ultimate summer car with a roof?

Our pick for the ultimate summer cruiser with a roof is the 1965 Mercury Monterey. The 1965 model is perhaps our favorite model year equipped with the company's unique "Breezeway" roll down rear window—an awesome warm weather feature. Few cars with a roof can beat a high speed drive in a Breezeway equipped Mercury with all the windows down for excellent summer cruising.