As any enthusiast of hacked together backyard truck conversions custom automotive creations in the
style of the El Camino or Ranchero knows, once you start looking there is a surprising abundance of these strange vehicles.

Some come out nicely, some come out poorly, and some are almost too weird too describe. Discovered on Craigslist, we'd say this 1994 Chevrolet Lumina APV "El Lumino" falls firmly in the latter category. Chevrolet's dustbuster-esque offering to the minivan market was odd even without any modification. Even so, a conversion from minivan to pickup truck has done wonders for managing to up the weird factor.

It looks like whoever built this vehicle put a surprising amount of time and thought into it. Instead of just taking a Sawzall to the APV, the rear section was moved forward to create an extra cab area. The body work might not be perfect, but we've certainly seen much, much worse. We'd love to know more about who built it and why, but perhaps even more intriguing is exactly how it ended up on a used car lot in Sioux Falls, SD.

The effort that went into its creation is a fact obviously not reflected in the El Lumino's unbelievably reasonable $1395 price tag. Even to ardent minivan haters such as ourselves it seems a deal too strange to pass up. We're thankful for every one of the 1,628 miles that separate ourselves from Sioux Falls, SD and entertaining the prospect of El Lumino ownership.