For most people who are passionate about cars and driving them, variety is the spice of automotive life. With this in mind, driving only one model of a car for the rest of your life would seem like a miserable sentence to all but the most dedicated automotive fanboys.

This weekend we want to know what would happen if you had to make a choice. What would you choose if you were doomed to driving one model of car for the rest of your life? It doesn't matter when it was made, and you can own as many as you can afford, but the only cars you are driving—for absolutely any purpose—for the rest of your life have to be ones produced under the same model name.

As a mouth breathing lover of all things American muscle car, RWD and V8, I'm taking one of the more obvious model longevity-based choices in this hypothetical scenario. Cue the mullet jokes, I'm spending the rest of my life behind the wheel of a Camaro.

I spend half the year driving a 2002 Camaro every day so clearly the fun of a V8 and a six speed already outweigh concerns of shoddy build quality and less than perfect handling in my mind. They're cheap, they're easily modified to make serious power and finding one will likely never present an issue.

Perhaps most importantly I can also have a 1969 Camaro like the one above sitting in my garage for fair weather cruising. An ideal automotive scenario? Hardly, but given the circumstances I think I could make do with a fleet of Camaros.


If you could only drive one model of a car for the rest of your life, what would it be?

(Photo Credit: RussBowling)