After a long road trip or two, you realized that every single round of Mad Libs was exactly the same: just a random cobbling of potty words jumbled together. It got boring. Car criticism is not very different.

While we were staring, maybe drooling a little at the new Zagato BMW, a lot of people spoke up to hate on either its weirdness or its blandness in equal measure. Dr. Oppo weighed in with a fine reminder of how silly it all is.

It looks like ______ with inspirations from _______ because of ______ and ______. Also, they obviously copied ________ because of the _______. Really Zagato, _______ has been doing ______ for years. Also, ______ totally looks like a cheap _______. With that said though, _______ is ungodly sexy. Just ditch _______ and _____ and it'll be perfect.

Photo Credit: Michelle Nicolet