In an effort to get street racers off of our roads and onto closed tracks, Jalopnik readers picked out the ten cheapest road courses, parking lots and drag strips in the Northeast. Price of equipment and wounded pride not included.

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Photo Credit: Drew Stephens

10.) Summit Point Motorsports Park

Suggested By: Bakkster_Man, touring car driver

How much: $250

Where: Summit Point West Virginia, near Maryland

What you get: Four 15-20 minute sessions

More info:

Photo Credit: NASA World Wind

9.) Pittsburgh International Race Complex (Formerly Beaver Run)

Suggested By: Gearhead_42

How much: $180-$200

Where: Wampum, Pennsylvania, 45 minutes north of Pittsburgh

What you get: Four 25 minute sessions and a half day of instruction

More info:

Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

8.) Pocono Raceway

Suggested By: vwnobby

How much: $185 with a car club, $60 with NASA,

Where: Long Pond, PA, two hours west of NYC

What you get: Five to six 25 minute sessions with a club, one track session with NASA

More info:, NASA North East

Photo Credit: Pocono Raceway

7.) OnTrack Karting

Suggested By: vactrac

How much: $150

Where: Wallingford, Connecticut, two hours north of NYC

What you get: ten 8-minute races (that's plenty for one day)

More info:

Photo Credit: OnTrack Karting

6.) Englishtown Raceway

Suggested By: 87BlownNotch

How much: $225 for the first time (you take their school), $125 after that

Where: Englishtown, New Jersey, about an hour south of NYC

What you get: 6hrs of track time

More info:

Photo Credit: Englishtown Raceway

5.) Nelson Ledges

Suggested By: bigal_569, sharris4

How much: $130

Where: Garrettsville, Ohio, seven hours west of NYC

What you get: 10AM-4PM on track, with half-hour break

More info:

Photo Credit: Google Maps

4.) SCCA Solo II Autocross

Suggested By: pinchvalve, Bakkster_Man, touring car driver

How much: $25 for members, $50 for non-members

Where: A parking lot near you

What you get: About four minutes of intense driving

More info: SCCA NE Division, Autocrossing 101

Photo Credit: ArcheiaMuriel

3.) Connecticut Autocross and Rally Team

Suggested By: JMillerUA666

How much: $35 for members, $30 for non-members

Where: A parking lot near you (full schedule here

What you get: Again, about four minutes of whipping around some cones

More info:

Photo Credit: Brad Snow/CART

2.) Atco Raceway (Drag Strip)

Suggested By: Jstas

How much: $20

Where: Atco, New Jersey, about two hours south of NYC

What you get: A night of street class bracket drag racing. There are no corners, but there aren't any corners in a street race, either. Of all the drag strips around, this is probably the best.

More info:

Photo Credit: Mad-Creations

1.) 75-80 Dragway

Suggested By: Jevans, Man of Mystery

How much: $15

Where:Monrovia, MD, four hours southwest of NYC, or about 50 minutes west of Baltimore


What you get: Drag racing at a pretty low-key, rinky dinky, cool drag strip. You get tons of runs. If you're looking for a road course, go back to Nelson Ledges at #5.

More info: 75-80 Dragway, 2012 schedule

Photo Credit: rygen